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Line 4$ (Add character +2$)
Karena by Lilinebaka Student Girl. by Lilinebaka Katakura Kojuro by Lilinebaka Mitsunari Ishida by Lilinebaka

SD 6$ (Add character +3$)

Sherry v.s. Zombie by Lilinebaka HUNT FOR A TREASURE! by LilinebakaChibis [PARTNER] by Lilinebaka [Circle] by Lilinebaka

Half Body 10$ (Add character +6$)
-VER.KE- by Lilinebaka [COM]Frost by Lilinebaka Mighty No.9 by Lilinebaka Brides by Lilinebaka

Full Body 12$ (Add character +10$)
I'm the Winner, You know? by Lilinebaka Be My Valentine by Lilinebaka[COM] Displeased by Lilinebaka [COM]Don't leave me. by Lilinebaka

Add BG
1.) Color only 4$
Rain by Lilinebaka Hostage by Lilinebaka 2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS! by Lilinebaka Dingdong by Lilinebaka 

2.) Location 6$

Saunter by Lilinebaka VAVA by Lilinebaka Sweet Dream by Lilinebaka On The Road by Lilinebaka

Will do
1. OC
2. OC x OC pairings
3. OC and CANON *Not a pairings or lover*
4. Crossover *Not a pairings or lover*
5. Fanart
6. CANON Hetero or YAOI/YURI pairings
7. R-15+

Don't do
1. FANON Hetero or YAOI/YURI pairings
2. OC x CANON pairings
3. Crossover pairings
4. Incest pairings
5. Crack pairings
6. R-18+

If you are interested, send a note to me.:)
*Paypal only*
Thank you so much for commissions!:meow:


Lilinebaka's Profile Picture
:iconnorequests: :icontradesopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly:
If you are interrest. Please send a note to me.

Hello Everyone. My name is Irista Tariste, but you can call me 'Aster'.

First, I would tell you that I'm not good with English , but I will try my best.

My favorite hobby is.
Any video-game except sports game.
Reading (Especially comics).
Spicy food and Dessert.(Especially Chocolate)

Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123

My favorites OTP couples
:heart:=Love the most
*Support one pairing per character*

CANON pairings Stamp ver2 by Wamp-crasH FAN pairing Stamp by Wamp-crasH Stamp :: Canon Pairings by pear-fairy Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf

Megaman series
- X x Alia (Game - *Not serious* )
- X x Marty (Manga)
- Zero x Iris (X)
- Zero x Ciel (Z)

Resident Evil series
:heart:Chris Redfield x Jill Valentine:heart:
- Leon S. Kennedy x Ada Wong (*Not serious*)
- Jake Muller x Sherry Birkin
- Billy Coen x Rebecca Chamber (*Not serious*)
- Piers Nivans x Merah Biji
- Steve Burnside x Claire Redfield (*Not serious*)
- George Hamilton x Cindy Lennox
- Albert Wesker x Exella Gionne
- Josh Stone x Sheva Alomar

Sengoku Basara series
*Just only the series that DON'T CARE about CANON or FANON.*
:heart:Date Masamune x Itsuki:heart:
- Sarutobi Sasuke x Kasuga
- Maeda Toshiie x Matsu
- Oda Nobunaga x Nohime
- Asai Nagamasa x Oichi
- Chozoukabe Motochika x Saika Magoichi (Sayaka) and Maeda Keiji x Saika Magoichi (Sayaka) (*Not serious*)
:heart:Ishida Mitsunari x Tsuruhime:heart:
- Sanada Yukimura x Ii Naotora

Castlevania series
:heart:Leon Belmont x Sara Trantoul:heart:
- Richter Belmont x Annette
- Adrian Fahrenheit Țepeș (Alucard) x Maria Renard
- Hector x Rosaly and Hector x Julia Laforeze
- Soma Cruz x Mina Hakuba

Final Fantasy series
:heart:Tidus x Yuna:heart:
- Cloud Strife x Tifa Lockhart (*Not serious*)
- Zack Fair x Aerith Gainsborough (*Not serious*)
- Snow Villiers x Serah Farron

Kingdom Heart series
- Sora x Kairi
- Roxus x Namine

And original official couples of game/anime/movie.

:stare: Fanon , :-X crossover, :-X incest and Yaoi/Yuri pairing. (except if they're possible to canon or in a few cases and origin Yaoi/Yuri.)
;P Support crack pairing as a joke only.

Thank you for visiting. :D

*If you post a rude comments or troll me. I will block and report you. Okay?*

*If you'd like to post my art, Please share or give a credit to me. Thank you.


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